I don’t remember exactly when I entered a competition to win a weekend at Della’s gorgeous cottage. Peace Cottage in fact.

It was magical when I got an email from Boldwood Publishing to let me know that I had won.

Little did I know how much I would need that getaway.

I spoke to Della; she was just wonderful. We arranged for a weekend in January, after Christmas, after the New Years bustle. We also had to navigate the Rail Strikes.

On January 3rd, my father passed away from Dementia. His Funeral was to be in February. Being able to escape my environment and breathe in a space that held no memories was such a blessing.

Kind-hearted Della offered to pick me up from the Station and take me to the cottage. I was so thankful and wow what a gorgeous place. I fell in love instantly, the space, the home, the gorgeous kitchen and bedrooms. It’s so fresh and clean.

As I was pretty much skint, I bought soup and bread, so I had enough to eat whilst I was staying.

Della and I had a nice cuppa together and then she went home. We arranged a time to go into Shaftesbury the following day.

I can’t tell you how amazing that night’s sleep in that big bed was. The shower was hot and just perfect.

Hm, I had my brekkie and read a book, I can’t remember which one, but I know it was a Rachel’s Random Resources by a Boldwood Author.

Della arrived in perfect time, we headed out to the town and browsed through the shops, stopping at a rather quirky looking shop that turned out to be awesome. Blackfoot Gifts with a Holistic Twist. Wow, Clive had crystals for sale and books by the late Judy Hall. I was so enthusiastic, I called out to Della, ‘Look they have Judy Hall books!’ I unzipped my backpack and showed Della my very own Crystal Book by Judy Hall. The owner, Clive, piped up and joined in on our conversation.

‘I was friends with the late Judy, she was amazing.’ Said Clive. We had a long chat with him and I can’t recommend his shop enough. Support locals, especially friendly ones.  He pointed us in the direction of his wife’s shop across the street. ‘Judy encouraged my wife to open her own Crystal Shop, and it was the best thing she did.’ Smiled Clive.

Della and I skipped across the road to find Nature’s Treasures with the lovely Nicola Carter behind the counter. What a gorgeous treasure with gorgeous crystals and oracle cards. She even had some by Doreen Virtue on Display.

We had a quick chat, laughed and there was a warmth coming from Nicola that just tells me that she loves what she does.

Clive’s story was also published in a spiritual magazine.  You can find the couple on facebook, just search for their store names.

‘Fancy a Costa before we head back?’ I asked. We sat with our drinks for a while, chatted books, crystals, synchronicity and about our hopes and dreams. Then it was time to head back to the cottage.

The warmth and the calmness washed over me again. I was so glad and full of gratitude to be there.

Della couldn’t stay long, but I will always be thankful to her for being there during one of the darkest times in my life.

I had such restful and peaceful sleep, vivid dreams, with my crystals under my pillow.

In the morning I relaxed, read and enjoyed my time at the cottage.

It certainly is Peace Cottage, Della tells me there is now a stunning writers desk set up in the living room too.

I can just imagine staying there for a week or two whilst writing my first book. A bestseller no less.

It’s now May, I can’t imagine how lovely Shaftesbury is now, that steep hill from the Hovis adverts and it’s quirky high street. The views and the gorgeous sheep that you can see from the cottage window.

It’s a magical place, a relaxing place and it’s a place where I felt safe and peaceful.

I’ve signed up for Della’s Creative Writing Course and I can’t wait to start on my new journey. My dad always said I would make a great writer, time to listen to my dear olde dad.