My Review: I had a thrilling time reading this book. Everything is fun, until it’s not. We follow Ava on her journey of then and now. Ava had spent many years looking over her shoulder. Judy her sister and her best friend Poppy are the two closest to her. She loves her job at the Tate Modern as Head Librarian. Strange things start to happen, dead birds on patios or not? Is it all down to anxiety or is there more to it? You’ll enjoy finding out.

The Librarian

Since that fateful night I have always kept myself to myself. Reserved. Private. Alone.

Some people think I am too quiet. That life is passing me by. But I know there is safety in my own company. That no one can hurt me if I don’t let them get too close.

Until the day I meet him. A handsome, charming stranger. A chance for me to take a risk…finally?

Or a man who threatens everything I’ve worked so hard for?

You’ll be sorry…

And that’s when my whole life begins to fall apart….

Don’t miss the brand new thriller by Valerie Keogh! Perfect for fans of Sue Watson, Shalini Boland and K.L. Slater.

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Valerie Keogh is the internationally bestselling author of several psychological thrillers and crime series, most recently published by Bloodhound. She originally comes from Dublin but now lives in Wiltshire and worked as a nurse for many years. Her first thriller for Boldwood was published in August 2022.

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