My Review: I found this an interesting read, some good relationship dynamics, different histories and experiences. Such as Line Dance, Yoga, Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul, Earth Angel Sentiments and my personal favourite, Elephant statues, Mango and Papaya trees. There are a number of interesting characters, including: Lulabelle the dog, Florence, Molly, Kit, Bryce etc. a good book to pass an afternoon with.

Second Chances

Second Chances is a touching tale that takes us on a journey from India to Kent, UK, following the intertwined lives of the residents who live on the same road.

At the heart of the story is Molly—kind-hearted, resilient, and determined to make a fresh start after her husband Rory leaves her and their son Jamie.

But when Jamie disappears on the day they were supposed to move to Kent, Molly’s new life takes an unexpected turn.

As Molly settles into her new community, she befriends her neighbours, Florence and Colonel Bryce Beckwith, who share their own stories of love, loss, and longing for second chances.

The three of them navigate their regrets and come to realise that it’s never too late to make a change.

Second Chances is a poignant, multigenerational tale of connections and community, showcasing the unbreakable human spirit and the hope that can come from taking a leap of faith.

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Born in Dublin, there has been a constant thread of writing and storytelling running through Miriam’s life. She proudly nurtures her ability to tell stories thanks to her Irish heritage. 

Miriam lives in the historical town of Rye, East Sussex with her husband, Chris, spending time in her Writing Cave where only her characters join her.

When not writing, Miriam enjoys reading, cooking, sea swimming, and walking along the healing coast.

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