My Review: I really enjoyed this book that skips through war years and post war years and is told from different perspectives. Elise, Vivi and Bella. Their connection is Nathan/iel. Nathaniel was injured in the war and is sent to office duty, much to his fathers annoyance. Vivi is an american who came to the UK with her parents and marries Nathan. Elise met him on a beach when she was a young girl and Bella is his beautiful girl. It’s beautifully written and put together, I was fully invested and engaged in the story and it’s characters. The book has a lot going for itself, Love, Scandal, Judgement, Relationships, Loss …Forgiveness! I definitley fell in love with Snowdrop. My dad was a Snowdrop in the RAF and he loved Buddy Holly which gave me some moments of positive reflection.

The Officer’s Wife

1939 – American heiress Vivi Miles falls for naval officer Nathan as soon as she arrives in England. And, under the threat of war, they marry in a whirlwind before he leaves to join his ship.

When Nathan returns from Dunkirk injured, he is distant, aloof, and no longer the man Vivi fell in love with. But it’s not just because of his brutal experiences of war. Nathan has a secret and Vivi suspects it’s linked to the mysterious evacuee at the secluded house in the woods on his Kent estate.

As war continues to rage, Vivi battles her own grief and loneliness, and tries to find out the truth of the girl’s identity, uncovering a scandal from the past.

Is her love for Nathan strong enough to survive?

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Catherine Law lives in Kent, 10 minutes from the sea, having grown up in Harrow. And ever since she was a child, she has loved to create stories. She writes romantic novels set in the first half of the 20th century, in and around the First and Second World Wars. Her books are inspired by the tales our mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers tell us, and the secrets they keep.  

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