My Review:

Raw, funny, in some places hilarious! Harsh realities of women’s and life issues in a multi- cultural relationship!

We follow Jess, Baki and Mesut as Post Natal Depression meets Ramadan. You can so hear Abi’s accent and paused if you have ever been to one of Abi’s live online sessions. There are harsh realities of women’s issues within these pages that showcase deep love, cultural differences where love is the universal language. Its inspiring and heartfelt. Jess has some incredible friends who support and encourage her and when she has nothing else left, love is stronger than anything and as they say, Love Conquers All.

One moody Turkish husband, one screaming toddler, thirty days to find true happiness . . .

After marrying Mesut, the man of her dreams, having an adorable little boy and moving to a beautiful Scottish seaside town, Jess knows she should feel more grateful. But motherhood is so tough and the cultural gap between her and her husband is starting to show.

As Mesut prepares for the Islamic month of Ramadan, Jess figures she should support him. She decides to go nil-by-mouth from sunrise to sunset for thirty days, hoping that some spirituality might rub off on her, especially if she records it all on her blog.

When the blog becomes the talk of the town, Mesut objects to his faith being made public. But Jess is certain Ramadan will make her a better person as well as a better mum. With thirty belly-growling days to get through and thirty blog posts to write, could divine intervention be just around the corner? Or will it tear apart everything she loves?

My Little Ramadan can be read as a standalone book, but is also a sequel to the uplifting and inspirational Life Is Yours Trilogy.

A humorous, heartwarming read with real depth and charm, My Little Ramadan is perfect for fans of Elizabeth Gilbert, Jojo Moyes and Beth O’Leary.

Buy My Little Ramadan and find out if Jess completes Ramadan today!