My Review: Not being a fan of the Eurovisions, I am not sure how I signed myself up for reading this book. However, it was an easy flowing read, that shows the highs and lows of an incredibly popular music talent show, I first recall the Eurovisions when Nicole won for Ein Bischen Frieden (A little peace), then Johnny Logan (Ireland) and the year Germans drove across the borders to vote for Guildo Horn and his Cheesy song Guildo hat euch Lieb (Guildo Loves You All), who could forget Katie Price’s attempt for England? Nope, it’s not for me.

The book is funny, saucy and full of glitter and glam, it’s focus is Rose who has a spot representing the country at the Berlin Eurovisions. I used to have green DM’s like she does so that’s very cool and grungy. She has a ONS with Emil which proves tricky to navigate. The book is emotional, promotional, personal and fun, with big hair and camp outfits. If this is your genre then this is an easy flowing read that you will enjoy.

Berlin Calling

The song contest is hotting up, on and off the stage!

Rose writes twee pop, smiles a lot, and believes in magic and rainbows. When the cheesy love song she wrote is chosen for the European Song Contest, her luck seems to be turning around – especially when a chance encounter leads to the hottest one-night stand of her life. It’s almost too bad she’ll never see him again.
But then Rose discovers it wasn’t a chance encounter. The hot German DJ with the sexy deep voice is her rival for song contest glory.
Grumpy Emil is incredibly talented and the song he spins with his sister could be a winner, even if he doesn’t appreciate the playful spirit of the contest. As the continent falls in love with Rose and Emil’s competitive banter on social media, they must hide their history from the press or risk losing credibility – and a future songwriting career.
With an anonymous gossip out to ridicule the colourful contestants and a plot to undermine European public broadcasting bubbling under the shiny surface, Rose must be strong in the face of criticism and stand up for everything the contest means to her.
If this Canadian girl can save the contest, maybe she can believe that her feelings for Emil are the real deal.

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Author Bio – Lilo Moore is the steamy romantic comedy pen name of travel romance author Leonie Mack. She lives among vineyards in Germany, creating fictional worlds and counting down to her next trip.

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