My Review: Such a beautiful story of two lost souls drowning in grief and expectations. Alison introduces us to Harriet and Joe who bump into each other at the beginning of the story, both on their way to a small village called Cranfield.

Harriet is busy rebuilding her life, she has stunning green eyes that are matched with red hair. Sadly, her mother and father had always been too busy for her, which meant her bond was with her aunt and uncle who have sadly passed away. Joe is still grieving for his sister who passed away 15 years ago. Since her passing he has been holding himself back from life, the loss of his mother meant that he has been entirely set on supporting his father and his business to the point of self sacrifice.

Harruets close friends Flora and Libby, as well as Flora’s Grams aka Helen feature heavily in this beautiful and well told story.

There’s gorgeous community spirit, love, good banter and a fight to save the lavender field from being built over into a warehouse. Will love and nature win out?

Heading Home to Lavender Cottage
With nowhere else to go, Harriet Colgan has returned to the sleepy village of Cranfield to sell her beloved aunt and uncle’s cottage, the only place she ever called home.
When she arrives at Lavender Cottage, Harriet discovers plans to replace the beautiful lavender fields, her uncle’s pride and joy, with an industrial warehouse.
With time on her hands, she realises she must fight to protect her family’s legacy and the village of Cranfield as well.
Workaholic businessman Joe Randall was expecting an easy purchase of the lavender fields. But suddenly his quiet life is disrupted by protests from angry locals, organised by Harriet.
Can Harriet show Joe that there’s more to life than just business? And can Joe change his mind and help Harriet save the lavender fields?
Over a long, hot summer, and with the help of a stray dog, perhaps Harriet and Joe can find their way home too.
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Alison Sherlock is the author of the bestselling Willow Tree Hall books. Alison enjoyed reading and writing stories from an early age and gave up office life to follow her dream. Her series for Boldwood is set in a fictional Cotswold village.
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