A handmade bracelet, made by Georgina!

Indigo Moon Holistics changed my day many times over.

I can’t remember which month, but it was on a mentally dark day that I was out and about heading on a date at the Ivy in Guildford. I’d given said date a list of 12 places to choose from and he chose The Ivy, on my way through Tunsgate Quarter, a place I hadn’t been for years, it’s been redone and there are new shops, cafes and restaurants including The Ivy.

I can’t even remember his name, in hindsight I think from his behaviour pattern that he was also attached, I mean who isn’t on these apps? Only the ones who question who isn’t lol.

Anyway, I walked past Indigo Moon, wow a new Crystal Shop, my my there hasn’t been one since Apache Tears closed many moons ago which was located in White Lion Walk.

I walked in and was besotted from the first moment. Gorgeous Crystals, amazing books, even oracle cards by the late Angela Hartfield, the amazing Toni Carmine Salerno who is the founder of Blue Angel Publishing, a very loving and peaceful publishing house. One I stumbled upon when I became disheartened with Hay House. Can you believe Stephen Farmer and the gorgeous Alana Fairchild. Definitely my kind of shop, aptly named Indigo Moon, being an Indigo Girl myself. I think I chewed the girls ears off. I still do with much love.

I headed to my date who didn’t seem like he was open to life, open to sharing or open to anything, I found in him everything I don’t want, however, I did get a lovely meal and most of all the experience and continued experience of Indigo Moon Holistics. 

Shortly after that the store had a party to celebrate the beautiful new healing room. I attended of course, it was another very dark day in my life, that visit maybe in unknown ways saved my life.

Let’s just say home life was a lot of things but fun and happy it wasn’t.

There was so much love and care within the people and the therapists and healers.

It gave me the energy and belief that things will turn around again for the better.

Beautiful Amethyst

Soon I was attending the monthly Healers Hub, yes, I have all kinds of certificates, including my reiki master/ teacher, I am also an Indian head masseuse, certified angelic practitioner and all kinds of other things. My focus these days is more about the soul and its connection to energies, life and the afterlife. Angel Circles, Psychic Circles and reconnecting to ideals I had set down to focus on raising my son who has a number of special needs. He is a success story. Thriving in life and education. What more could I ask for?

The energy in the shop is amazing, I love the girls and Georgie is an absolute delight to be around, as are the other girls, sadly some leave for Uni to discover life away from home. It’s always lovely when you see them back on leave.

Tumble Stones

Now given the location of the store, you may think that Jo and Georgina and Yummy mummies with rich husbands bank rolling them, nope, not the case. Two beautiful souls who have been through the highs and lows of life and come out the other side. They love what they do and believe in what they do. I love that they know the journey is a continuum, there is no true end.

I have come to many epiphanies from their sessions and just raising the energy from being in the store. I can only hope that I leave some good vibes and inspiration behind.

They did an amazing take over on Heidi Swain and Friends on FB which is a book club I admin on FB.

If you are ever in Guildford do stop by the shop, its amazing. On Thursday 22nd they are having a pre-Christmas celebration for customers. Its been and gone, I am late with the blog. It was lovely and welcoming.

Anna from Indigo Moon gave me a light bulb moment through conversation.

For 2023 I am going to work on manifesting a well paying job within online content and writing from home. Lets face it, we gotta eat and I want to be financially independent. So it be!

WILHEMINA THE ORCA AGATE. Adore the vibration from it.