My Review: I really enjoyed this story and its many different layers. It’s an easy to follow, heartfelt and funny read. I chuckled at the references to Poldark and Bon Jovi. Jo’s journey and her bumping into Ben made me think about how life can be unpredictable and fun, even if it feels like the end of everything. 4 shiney stars for this gorgeous read.

A Perfect Cornish Sunset

With Jo’s future changed forever, it’s time to embrace a new chapter in her life. One which will take her away from her Cornish home and the ex-boyfriend who’s living the life which should have been theirs. 

But crossing paths with local surfer Ben before she leaves wasn’t part of the plan. Seven years ago Ben’s world was turned upside down, but could Jo be the one to make it right for him? When hidden truths threaten, Jo will have to fight for love and the life she’s really meant to live. 

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Kelly Tink is a cancer nurse, writer and hopeless romantic, living in Cambridgeshire. She enjoys exploring fun outdoor places with her husband and two sons, especially if it involves eating ice cream by the sea. She’s an avid reader, loves a good film or TV series and drinks lots of tea.

A Perfect Cornish Sunset is Kelly’s second novel. Her debut novel, Meet Me in the Treehouse is available on Amazon. It would mean the world to Kelly if you would consider taking a few moments to write a review. These reviews let new readers know what you thought of the books. Thank you.

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