That quintessence of dust

I love this saying – it’s so true. A builder friend of mine said it the other day when we were talking about problem solving. He’d been chatting to someone who was trying to make their home completely off-grid and in conversation, he mentioned something that completely resolved an issue about heating water, without intending to. Two heads are better than one, even if the other person doesn’t really have the background to help, or isn’t there for that purpose. It’s the process of talking things through aloud, expecting to be challenged, being able to think outside the box, that’s really important.

It’s spot-on when it comes to novel writing too. I have an antisocial internal monologue that happens quite often: sometimes I don’t hear people speak because I’m talking silently to myself about my novel. There are questions constantly rattling around, such as, how can my character arrive at…

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