Natalie Swanson

My life had been coasting for quite some time and I kept thinking about
past life regression.
To me the soul’s health and our relationship and understanding of our very
own soul is super important. If we aren’t at peace within, then being happy
without is really going to be tricky.
Of course, you might consider me a little out there and that is truly fine by
Heart, Mind, Soul and Body. Those four elements(?) make a human. Most
importantly, all four need to have a level of balance and alignment. I am a
big believer in Mindfulness and Zen Buddhism, but I also have room for all
other beliefs that enhance your journey and ability to enjoy each moment
without harming another wilfully.
I had met Natalie at the opening of Indigo Moon’s Treatment Room in the
Guildford Institute.

A personally difficult time in my life, I turned up broken
and left happy and included. Chatting to all kinds of similar minded people
and therapists was amazing to me.
So, more recently, I booked a Past Life Regression with Natalie on a
random now or never whim.
I didn’t really know what to expect and I was quite anxious too, my last past
life regression was done at home with a DIY CD from former New Age
Author and Speaker, Doreen Virtue.
I arrived in good time, knowing exactly what I wanted from my session,
although, who knew if I could get there?
Natalie was amazing, very warm and welcoming when I arrived, and she
did indeed remember talking to me at the opening. We had a brief but good
conversation about the treatment.

I laid my gorgeous size 16 self on the treatment table and relaxed to
Natalie’s soothing voice. The room welcoming and warm. She led me to a
relaxing park type place in my minds eye it was very much like one of Jenni

Keer’s book covers. I was calm, relaxed and very safe. I was able to interact
with Natalie throughout. I travelled through different times and eras, my
need for freedom was explained very well,
I was able to request a change in my interaction with green eyed people and
felt very much supported and encouraged. I have a pattern in my life which
must stem from soul agreements.
Those lessons. My most precious experience whilst regressed was at

Uluru, artwork by Toni

I have never really been drawn to Australia, but I felt I was at peace,
learning about things we couldn’t know or learn in this day and age, the day,
the night, the time, non-existent as such, a time before time existed, we
often forget that time is a man-made concept.
Think about that, no time, no time, we are not running out of time. Our
physical body is, our mind is, our current experience is, but our soul is
timeless. It almost corelated with what I had come to read in a book called
The AfterLife of Billy Fingers.
Enjoy the day, enjoy the moment, relax as much as you can. Be as positive
as you can, no matter what anyone else thinks.
It takes as much effort to think or say something positive as it does
something negative. Be kind, giving and loving, don’t ever regret your love
and good deeds, your present life is too short for that kind of nonsense.
Give without expectation and you will never feel let down, kindness is free.
Remember? Love is too!
My life and enthusiasm have picked up massively since I went to see
Natalie. I also made a conscious decision to be more open to receiving and
trusting in the flow of always having enough and then some.
I have been able to release, cut ties, heal and find a different level of peace
and expression thanks to the release and intent of my session with Natalie,
I’d definitely recommend her as a hypno and past life therapist. I floated out
of there happy and content, knowing I had done something good for my
heart, mind, soul and body. Synchronicity is back in full force and my
dreams are clear. My relationship with myself and my issues, yes, issues,
all souls and humans have them is at its best. Keep your focus on being led
to the right people at the right time. Thank you Natalie.

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