My Review: What an absolutely hilarious read. I am so thrilled I got to read this book, it’s funny from Start to Finish, with some uhm’s and ah’s inbetween. This is my first book by Becky Papworth and it had me in creases. I mean Janet really hadn’t done much research when she opened her B&B and much of the advice comes after opening and hosting the Turner Family. Her 16 year old Daughter Chloe keeps her in check with her knowledge of todays ways. Is Hebden’s latest B & B the place to go? If you’re looking for a good laugh, dive in and find out. I loved it.

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Janet Jackson’s Yorkshire B&B

Yorkshire lass and dental receptionist Janet Jackson has just taken a big risk. Using all her savings, she’s turned her spacious garage into a Bed and Breakfast, slapped a sign on it and without any experience at all, is now awaiting her very first guests.

With a moody teenage daughter and a crazy sister to contend with she’s already got her work cut out. The trouble she soon discovers, is that guests have undesirable habits, annoying pets and endless demands. ‘Is it bloody worth it?’ she asks herself a dozen times a day. Janet gradually learns her trade – but not without being tested to her limits. The question is: will she come through the experience with her bank balance, cottage and her sanity intact?

Hugely entertaining but a word of warning: if ever you’ve thought of running a B&B, read this hilarious debut novel first– you might want to think again

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Author Bio – Becky Papworth has spent 20 years making people laugh as a TV Producer on shows like Have I Got News For you, Rab. C. Nesbitt and Citizen Khan. She’s hoping to entertain some readers with this account of running a B&B, much of it based on her actual experience, she’s not saying which bits…

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