My Review: When Lily discovers her boyfriend of 6 months is married, she can’t get away quick enough. She ends up at her younger sister Daisy’s home and at a party Stella where she encounters a reminder to practise safe sex. Her elder sister Rose discovers that her middle sister is pregnant. With the help of her father and sister, Lily manages her way through her new life, when she meets Greg and her heart, mind and soul are captivated. However, there is till the matter of Tony the married Ex. It’s an easy to read, intriguing page turner. I fully enjoyed it.

It Was You

After a heartbreaking betrayal, Lily ends up at a party where she drowns her sorrows in the bed of a sexy stranger.
In the light of day, Lily wants to forget her mistakes, including that sexy stranger. With nothing and no one left to keep her in Corvallis, she packs her entire life into her car and moves miles away from home.

Two years later, and now a single mother, Lily meets Jake, a handsome, confident young man to whom she is instantly attracted. If the rumors are true, Jake is a playboy with commitment issues, but his attentiveness to both Lily and her daughter suggests otherwise. Before long, they fall for one another.

It soon becomes obvious why they’re so attracted to each other, and this revelation threatens their new relationship. To make matters worse, Lily’s ex tracks her down and demands a second chance.

Will Lily’s past overshadow her future with Jake, or can their love survive the rough road ahead?

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Author Bio – Nora Edington is a romance author and a true believer in a happy ending. She loves chocolate, coffee, and long walks with her amazing husband.

When not reading or listening to music, she writes steamy romances with enough heat to make your heart melt.

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