Author Karen Louise Hollis
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What a lovely book, set in the 80s we meet Rob, Sandra and their gymnastics hopeful daughter Louise, they have a cat called Mitty, by some random act of Nature they end up living at 3 Whitlock Close, where they add a spaniel called Lady Olga.

There are many great neighbours, including a grumpy one and many twitching curtains. Karen gently references racism and the Falklands War. I love the reminders that there are no mobiles in the 80s and not everyone drove, the sense of community also seems more driven, with parties and book clubs etc. There’s a lot of detail and the book is descriptive with some laugh out loud moments, adult and teen friendships. A welcome escape to dive into.

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If you want to find out more or purchase the book please follow this link : Welcome to Whitlock Close (The Whitlock Close series Book 1)