Author Judy Leigh
Thanks to #boldwoodbooks #netgalley and #rachelsrandomresources much for letting me read this ARC. I absolutely loved it. Mimi and Isabella the smoker and whole host of young and old characters that take you on a journey between generations and times had me captivated. I even listened to the Gorgeous audible which is a wonderful 
The scenery sounds so beautiful, the Scottish Isles. I had friends who liked on the Hebridies and heard much about Orkney.
If you want to Drift away and recapture your zest for life with many laughs and some sighs along the way, this book will do that for you.

To find out more please follow the link were you can read the blurb and purchase the book. The Highland Hens: The brand new uplifting, feel-good read from USA Today bestseller Judy Leigh for 2022