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Thank you #Netgally and #Boldwood for this amazing opportunity to read the ARC. Oh my word, what an absolutely wonderful read you can lose yourself in. I enjoy Shari’s books so it’s no surprise that I adore this one. Full of humour, pain, tragedy and raw life. We meet for strangers before they head on a flight to St Lucia. I was so engrossed in this story that I finished it in a day. We meet for magnificent characters: Divorced Nurse Bernadette Manson who a is mother of two adult children and two gorgeous grandkids. At the last minute she ends up on her new beginning on her own, which is a huge step for her. Musician Tadgh Donovan who is on his way to St Lucia to marry his lifelong girlfriend Cxoxo, with him for the ride are his brother Shay who is a real Rockstar type, and their friend Conlan, who are not just his bandmates but his best men too. Hayley Ford who is a wonderful teacher of dance and drama and downtrodden wife of a very selfish Lucas the Harley Street Fertility Specialist. Interestingly they got married in Farnham which I just had to mention as its Local to me in Leafy Surrey. They are on their way to St Lucia for a romantic break. Dev Robbins who is a journalist who recently met the love of his life on a night out in the form of a one night stand who was on her way to a wedding in St Lucia, he then decides to follow her to the same hotel and profess his undying love. For reasons I cannot divulge, these for wonderful characters all end up seated together for the lengthy flight and start conversations with each other that are enlightening, heart breaking, heart warming and inspiring. They are made to introspect and face themselves, their pasts, present and futures. The chapters rotate between the four characters throughout their flight, fall in love you’ll fall in love with Stefan the Flight Attendant who brings in the fun of his own. Beautifully written with an awesome playlist, yes, I did listen to some of the songs whilst reading the book.

Book Cover

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