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Thank you #netgally and #boldwoodbooks for letting me read this fabulous ARC. 
Absolutely Gripping, Wow, an incredibly gripping story. Maggie is such an interesting character who lives in the London Docklands. The story is set a few years after WW1 with people still struggling to make ends me and find work, add to that the ghosts of war and this is where the story starts. Maggie has an older sister called Sadie who is expecting a baby with her husband and lives with him close to her family home, her younger brother Robin is a skinny sickly young lad who needs a lot of care and attention. Her mother is downtrodden and beaten regularly by her drunkard of a father who sadly struggles with the demons of war. He often spends his wages on alcohol, leaving the family without rent and food money. Maggie works all the hours god sends to support her family. Then one day...her world is turned upside down. To find out more, I recommend you take a chance on this amazing book.
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If you are interested in reading the blurb and want to buy a copy please follow this link: A Mother’s Shame https://amzn.eu/21BJSl9

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