Picture of Author Kate Staves and the Cover for Now That You’re Here

Oh my heart melted, this is my first time reviewing a children’s book and what a joy it has been. The Little joyous messages on the pages to express happiness at a new arrival in the family. I adore the colours and the different animals chosen. Especially the Elephants ūüźė and Turtles. I can imagine young people being engaged in the colours and the short and very sweet text. I also wondered if my dad who has dementia might enjoy it as its bright and easy to follow. What a joyful book. Loved being able to read this book and add it to my children’s (me the adult child haha) corner. ūüėä The book is illustrated by Ekaterina Uspenskaya

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Blog Tour Banner and a the book opened to a turtle page. Beautifully illustrated by Ekaterina Uspenskaya

To find out more or to purchase this book please follow the link. Now That You’re Here https://amzn.eu/ddGBSPV