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Picture of Author Lizzie Chantree

I read this one in a long afternoon. Boy, what a gorgeous read. We follow Poppy on her journey as a successful business woman trying to live in the present without the past interfering. She has a super handsome and fit boyfriend called Dylan whom she has loved almost all of her life. The issue? He used to be a heartbreaker and her 4 best girl friends don’t know about their relationship. Her assistant and best friend Billy supports and encourages her in work, love and life. As a girl she had a tough life dealing with her mothers mental health issues and coped by locking out parts of her home life from her 4 girl friends. She is a workaholic and is in business with an incredibly stunning equally work and success driven fella. Poppy has helped a lot of people she cares about since becoming affluent. There are some raw and some very funny scenes in this story of love, betrayal, secrets and lies. It’s incredibly strong and detailed whilst being easy to follow. A very enjoyable read for the summer or any time of year.

If you want to read the blurb or buy this book, please follow the link: My Perfect Ex: The brand new uplifting, feel-good, romantic read to escape with (Cherry Blossom Lane. Book 1)