Author Gordon MacMillan
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Well, let me say, that I love Gordon's writing style, Songs for your mother was an absolute heart breaking favourite  of mine and a tough act to follow, Luckily he didn't try and this book has a very different feel and direction. We do bump into some ties from his first book in a tasteful and creative way. 
We follow Tom on his journey post lockdown back into the dating world after an intervention from his friends. As a single woman I can identify with some of the conundrums presented here. It's nice to know that men also worry about their fertile days coming to an end, as do women.
He has to complete a set number of dates, which take place around London. I really must visit Waterstones on Piccadilly. I giggled when he went speed dating, something I have tried myself and failed at. I loved the reference to the Gilmore Girls. Team Jess and Logan all the way.
Is there music in this book? For sure, in fact our Tom has an old school stereo left behind by his dad on which many a mixed tape is created. Boy, I remember those, I am sure readers of a certain age can all tell a mixed take story, does anyone remember sitting by the deck waiting for a favourite song to play on the radio that we could record? Pat Sharp anyone? He was my Sunday Chart Hero on BFBS Radio.
Running a Coffee shop with Convoluted coffee orders made me laugh, I am definitely one of those people who order an Oat or Coconut Milk Latte with Vanilla or Caramel and cause all kinds of confusions and delays.
There are so many lough out loud moments and many omg what? moments in this book. I fully recommend it t anyone dating, or remembers dating and the drama it can bring. Now, here's waiting for Gordons next book.

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