Author Henriette Gyland and a Blog Tour Banner with an Elephant necklace on the cover

As soon as I saw the title The Elephant Girl, I knew I had to read this book. Being a collector of Elephant and Ganesha figurines I found myself at home in some of the pages.

We follow the story of Helen and how the loss of her mother and her life long condition of Epilepsy affect her in the present day. Growing up in care, feeling rejected by her step family, she finds herself returning to the UK from her safe place in Goa.

Wow, so much intrigue, so many secrets and lies to be uncovered to get to the truth. Who can she trust? Everything she didn’t know and everything she thought she knew are now at odds with facts she can’t deny.

I found this book a page turner and fully recommend it.

If you are interested in the blurb and want to purchase this book, please follow the link: The Elephant Girl

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