Author Janet Hoggarth
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Thank you #Netgalley and #Boldwoodbooks for letting me read this ARC. Janet Hoggarth story was gripping, and inspiring. Shona a baby given up for adoption as was quite common for young mums in those days, her adoptive parents Iris and Jonathan renamed her Margaret ‘ Maggie’. She had from a young age known that she was adopted. She had a good life, but the knowledge that she’d been rejected, no matter how loved and wanted she was by her new parents, it overshadowed a lot of her life. Out of Loyalty to Iris and Jonathan she opted not to search for her real mum, but when she passes away, she opens that locked box of her heritage. Music, Art, Secrets, Lies and Misconception and a lot of self sacrifice come to light. The author successfully touches on sensitive topics such as sexuality, gender identity, infidelity and menopause, Connecting with a life that could have been yours and how it fits all these years later is written beautifully with compassion and realism. I did have to ask my friend what Boak means, there are some Scottish slang words sprinkled into the pages. I had to chuckle a the mention of Gauloises and AOL, my mouth watered at the mention of Sour Dough Pizza. This is a very good and emotionally charged read.

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You can purchase this book here: Who Do You Think You Are Maggie Pink?