Author Clare Swatman
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Thank you #Netgalley and #Boldwood for allowing me to read this ARC. A very cleverly put together Story that follows the individual lives of Ted and Marianne from each of their perspective. Clare Swatman has done a wonderful job of putting this story together in an interesting and curious way. It all starts on a freezing cold December night when Ted aka Bridge Boy and Marianne aka Fairy Girl’s paths cross on a Bridge in Waterloo in the early 90s. We also meet their best friends Danny and Lance (Alison). There are so many near misses and coincidences in this story that you can’t help but want to know more. Danny lets Ted stay on his couch as he is struggling to cope with the after effects and impact the Gulf War have on him, Lance supports Marianne through a job change after leaving her cheating boyfriend and boss behind. I definitely recommend this quirky read even if its just to discover ‘How to save a life’. I dare you not to hum the same named song by The Fray.

You can purchase the book here: How To Save A Life: The BRAND NEW unforgettable love story from the bestselling author of Before We Grow Old