That quintessence of dust

I usually select locations for my novels that I already have a bit of knowledge about, having travelled a fair amount and lived in various places. But in The Witch’s Tree, I used my own house as the modernised Sloe Cottage where Selena lives and as Slaugh Cottage in 1682, Grace Cotter’s home. Here’s an excerpt from the novel:

Over three hundred years have passed and the cottage stands solid through many changes. The old staircase has gone, the thatched roof has been tiled, the hearth is not quite as it was. The house hides so many memories, so many years of fingers touching the same walls, being warmed by the same fire.

She knows the house well: it is hers, she will not leave it. She peers through the windows, but her breath leaves no mist on the glass. The old stone well chatters and she whispers words that…

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