Author Elena Collins/ Judy Leigh
What an absolutely amazing book, thank you #netgalley and #boldwoodbooks for letting me read this ARC. 
I love books by Judy Leigh, so when I heard that she had written The Witch's Tree under the name Elena Collins, I knew I had to read this book.
I can't even put into words how much this book fascinated and captivated me, following the the current day life of Selena a professional artist and Grace who lived in the later half of the 1600s.
Two very different times, attitudes and beliefs. The same love and heart ache. Selena ends up at a beautiful old cottage with a beautiful old tree and well, where she hopes to paint and clear her head. She makes some amazing new friends and becomes part of the local community. We flick to Grace who is a milk maid that lives with her father, her grandmother Bett lives a walk away. There's magic, tragedy, love, hurt, hope and new futures for both ladies. Their paths even cross during Selenas stay.

The detailed writing led me deep into the story and my imagination was captivated. I felt like I was there, painting and experiencing. Much success to Judy/ Elena with this beautiful book. I need to go to a May Dance and I need a green gem stone and some new love in my life.

You can purchase the book here: The Witch’s Tree: An unforgettable, heart-breaking, gripping timeslip novel for 2022