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Thank you #netgalley and #boldwoodbooks for allowing me to read this ARC. I absolutely enjoyed The Meet Cute Method by Portia MacIntosh. The story centres around Frankie and Max, two journalists from different worlds. Frankie’s new boss Addison at a Women’s Monthly Magazine is there to sort out the issues at the magazine. This means jobs are on the line, including Frankie’s. this means she has to pull her socks up and knock her next article about Meet Cutes out of the park. Instead of using modern day apps she tasks herself with meeting someone the old fashion way, by chance. We also encounter the memory of Elizabeth Dukes clown necklace. Nostalgia. In order to Meet Cute, we stumble along with romcom ideas, damsel in distress situations, meeting a man on public transport, Disney inspirations and countless others. There are some references to amazing movies, as she gets herself into countless scrapes in true Bridget Jones style. Then out of the blue she gets stuck in a lift with Max Ray who is to die for handsome and a fellow journalist. Life’s events lead to an impromptu invite to Hawaii, which Addison sees as the perfect opportunity for Frankie to complete her meet cute mission and thus packs her a case full of revealing swimwear, lingerie and outfits. Once in Hawaii she is bamboozled into pretending to be Max’s fiancée. She hits it off with Max’s parents Eva and Ronnie Ray, In no time at all it becomes apparent that there is some discord within the family. What a lovely story that sweeps you away into a world of riches, love, secrets, family loyalty and being true to oneself. There are some funny moments and the story is fun to follow, without major complexities, the Audible is narrated by Karen Cass my favourite audible hero. I definitely recommend this book as a means to escape for a few hours and dive into a fun love story with some twists and turns that may lead to true love.

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You can purchase the book right here: The Meet Cute Method: The BRAND NEW laugh-out-loud romantic comedy from Portia MacIntosh for 2022