Author Shari Low

Thank you #Netgalley and #Boldwoodbooks for allowing me to read this book in exchange for an Honest review. I really enjoyed this book, which is the Sequel to What If? written 20 years ago. I know this book had been long awaited and longed for. I have the Kindle and Audible versions, which are both well presented, so whichever the preference, both are great. Now to the story, I don’t like giving too much away, but it’s a great, funny, insightful book. Heart breaking, love filled and adventurous. We follow the old gang and their grown kids as well as old and new spouses. Some very epic songs introduce the chapters and individuals, loved being reminded of songs by Lady Gaga, the late Whitney Houston, Annie Lennox, Tina Turner and so many others. We see the UK and Hollywood/ NYC visited, in essence tales from both sides of the pond. Sex, Love, Hashtags, Podcasts. Amazing how we find how things have evolved. PHD takes on a new meaning and there is a treasured mention and welcome reminder of the epic Wonderbra of which I owned a fair few. Eva Herzigova anyone? We touch upon the loss of a friend, menopause, dementia and so much more. It’s definitely a recommended read or listen. Enjoy and sing/ hum along whilst reading the novel and lose yourself in the lives of others.

You can purchase the book here: What Next?: The BRAND NEW laugh-out-loud novel from #1 bestseller Shari Low