A new genre for me, thank you #netgalley and #boldwoodbooks for allowing me to read this lovely ARC. I am an Army Veteran so some of the experiences of the girls made me giggle. I grew up on an RAF Base in Germany so some of the Lingo is very familiar to me. I enjoyed this book, I had moments where I laughed out loud, gasped, held my breath and cheered. I fell in love with the character Millie, her best friend Di was a touch tougher to like. The good olde NAAFI Van gets a fair few mentions, those NAAFI breaks brought back fond memories, but also warmed my heart to the knowledge that many men and women before me and after me are enjoying NAAFI van Sarnies. Ted and Millie hit it off from the get go and their blossoming relationship captured my imagination. People forget the important part the women played. It definitely turned into a page turner for me.

You can purchase this book here: New Recruits at Goodwill House: The BRAND NEW gripping historical saga from Fenella J Miller for 2022 https://smile.amazon.co.uk/dp/B09PYL13XJ/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_R1AZ4S3M5228G5ZPS3R2