Thank you so much for letting me read this ARC via #netgalley
What an awesome book, at first I convinced that I wouldn't like this book due to the self coupling, however once I met Cleo and once she discovered her fate was to spend time in a cottage self coupling with the added twist of a random American in her space, it became a hard to put down book.

Cleo is almost 30 and her boss as decided to send her on an assignment to go to a remote island and self couple. Although Cleo has doubts she ends up on this adventure, alongside Mack who has travelled to the same island to regroup and discover the place he had only ever heard about in stories his grandmother told.

The Islanders become an integral part of their journey to self discovery, self love and adventure.

There are many many reasons why these two people can't be together and yet love defies all logic with many twists and turns.

Do they follow their heart or their head? Especially with Cleo just learning to be herself and to love herself, Mack having split from his wife is learning to be single and a father to his 2 sons,
Then there is that other little issue that means he lives in the US and she lives in Europe.

I really got into this book and it touched me on many many levels, Recently, on Doctors an English TV show, a character called Valerie married herself, which I was in two minds about. However, this book made me look at it differently, its not so much about marrying yourself but about loving and respecting yourself on all levels.

I laughed, felt the steam rising and my heart breaking, Definitely a 5 Star read.

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