Author Katie Ginger

An absolutely gorgeous read. True community spirit and divide. Love and the long road to accepting it. I can actually imagine this being a Hallmark movie. It’s so well thought out and put together. You find yourself engaging with each character. Katie tells this story in such a way that you cannot deny that a Library isn’t just a Library, it’s so much more. Especially in smaller communities. Reading on a device might be handy but it doesn’t replace books and they aren’t always as inexpensive as one might think. We meet insomniac Elsie who is a Librarian at Meadowbank Library and somewhat mousey, she lives with her cat Keats and her best friend Gemma lives next door with her girlfriend Orla and their baby girl. Karen is the Library Supervisor who prefers to read trash magazines than do her job. We are introduced to a host of other villagers who use the Library for a variety of reasons. From pensioners to young mums, they all have their stories and a love for the run down library, Sadly, the library has been sold and is due to be knocked down, this is where Elsie takes matters into her own hands, she stands up against the handsome Jacob who is sent in to run things for his fathers construction company and her council boss Mr Reese – Hale. Jake and his father Conrad who is very hard on his son and has a Jock Ewing kind of vibe, have a rather strained and complex relationship Will her efforts bear fruit or is she labouring under false pretences? Is love on the cards? Is the obvious option always the best fit? For any Gilmore Girls fans out there, at times I felt I was in Stars Hollow at one of the town meetings, and the community spirit feels very much like that of the folks from the show, I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did, it’s definitely a 5 Star recommendation. Thank you #netgalley for allowing me to read this ARC.

You can purchase this book here: The Little Library on Cherry Lane: The perfect heart-warming and uplifting romantic comedy!