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Author Lisa Hobman
The Book
Thank you #netgalley and #boldwoodbooks for allowing me to read this ARC. 
What a wonderful book, full of heart and emotion.

We meet single mum Caitlin or Cait to her friends who has a 13 year old daughter Grace. Her mother doesn't always agree with her daughters decisions and as such has a big fall out. She reminded me of Hyacinth from Keeping up Appearances.

Caitlin and her daughter Grace share a very tight bond and have no secrets between each other, which as a single mum myself felt real and true.

Being an unconventional family is something I really do connect with as a person and the way this is portrayed really spoke to me. Friends do really become a family you never expected to have.

Jules, Morag and Ruby the ex Hollywood actress feature beautifully and demonstrate true and honest friendship, love and care for each other.

After Caitlins mother passed away she sold her parents B & B after redecorating it and used the money to improve her own life.

She runs her own bakery and is an amazing cake maker.

Now that her daughter is older, she realises that she should pay more attention to her love life and starts going to singles nights and speed dating, whilst avoiding dating apps. Being on that boat myself I couldn't agree more on apps and dating these days is quite something else and not in a good way.

She starts dating Lyle, single dad to Cora who is Grace's best friend.

Handsome Archie Sutherland also presents himself as a very suitable candidate. He is supportive and caring and so helpful and kind.

With many twists and turns, a few gorgeous dogs and lots of things to think about this makes for a very wonderful and relevant read.
My only niggle was that at 13 Grace still needed to have an adult looking after her at all times, it can be overlooked as it ties in with the storyline.
Can't wait for the next Lisa Hobman book and this isn't even released yet. #blogtour

You can purchase the book here:

Wishing Under a Starlit Skye: The brand new uplifting, heartwarming read from Lisa Hobman for 2022

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