The first week was interesting, filled with some highs and some lows. The weather has remained a mix of warm, cold, ice and rain. A bit what April weather used to be like. Now you just never know what is coming regardless of the month or season.

We had an impromptu book release celebration in our Heidi Swain and Friends book club for author Jessica Redland for her 4th trip to Hedgehog Hollow for a Wedding no less. Totally enjoyable and the book is very emotional and touches on a lot of sensitive topics with a good mix of hope, friendship and love.

Can’t wait for the Honeymoon trip ūüôā
Congratulations Jessica for all the awareness you raise in your books.

On the 13th we have a wonderful party planned for Author Lisa Hobman, I think this will be our 3rd. We must be doing something right. This time I will also be taking part in the Blogtour for Boldwood Publishing. It’s so so exciting. To have my first tour with an author I admire and for a book that really is well written and inspiring.

Come along for the fun. My tour date is the 20th x

PMDD has been a trip this last week, there was a day I barely managed to achieve anything much. Then there were the irritation and knowing when to walk away. I also sorted out this major but really minor parking crisis, which made me realise a few things that I hadn’t really noticed before, which led to a huge reassessment on how I spend my lifetime. Honestly, the journey is a short and sweet one, make it happy.

You reading this, if you need help, reach out. Be happy, loved and inspired. MUCH LOVE, Fiona xxx