I said I would and I did

I got my fitness kit on and did some brisk walking in my local community.

It was a short night and yet there I was full of energy, so off I went. If I had waited I may have waited for another day/ week/ month/ year. I did say the only time is now. Right now!

When I got home I made our annual New Year’s day roast and continued listening to Pictures of Lily an Audiobook by Paige Toon. Book 4 of her monthly buddy read where we read a book she has written in order until her new one is due out in 2023. My TBR list is so long I don’t have time to read the book, but I really wanted to be part of it, yay for Audibles. I saw her with Lindsey Kelk in London last year. She really lifted my spirits with an inscription she wrote in my book. Small things can be big things. They truly can.

Cute book.
If you follow Lindsey Kelk you will understand why Peppermint Patty came with me

Lindsey Kelk, me and Paige Toon

Thank you all for your kind words about yesterday’s blog. Yes, it is honest from my perspective! Remember the Soul Loves The Truth! The more you speak, act, think and live in alignment to what feels true and right, the happier you become. Of course its not always 100% possible to do this, but the more we do the more positive life becomes from the inside out. Trust me, with PMDD and an endless list of food intolerances a positive mind isn’t my default setting, oh and then managing to navigate the Special Needs of another and the education system. Ah, breathe.

In 2006 or 2007 I remember laying on the floor in the flat I lived in wondering what in the world I had done to deserve this life I was living, suddenly 101 things popped into my head, the sheer realisation that I truly wasn’t all that kind over and over again changed something. I went and wrote to anyone and everyone I could find and apologised for my part in something or simply gave thanks for things I didn’t ever consider myself thankful for until that moment. When I wrote to these people I didn’t put a return address in the letters. It wasn’t about reconnecting, it was about acknowledgement of arrogance on my part. Things certainly took a positive turn from there on in. Did it fix life? No, life is a constant work in progress.

I came across spiritual teachers and classes, books, audios, The Secret by Lorna Byrne. Positive mind set to improve life and my thought process. Wow. Nope, not a magic solution. These things are daily practises and mindsets. The realisation that our thoughts create our reality is an incredible thing. You can’t live a positive life with a negative mind. Let that sink in. You can live a happy life with a positive mind, which in turn gives us tools to be our best, its also good to know that it’s OK to be sad, mad, angry, wrong. I played *You can heal your life* by Louise L Hay over and over again night in and night out on repeat. Eventually I moved on to other things and lost my way here and there. That undiagnosed PMDD wreaking havoc all over the place. Honestly, one thing I do well is apologise for my randomness and wrongs. I really don’t do it unless I am clear that I have been wrong.

My most sacred discovery to me is certainly Thich Nhat Hanh. He really made a huge impact on my mindful living. His back story, his accomplishments and sheer determination are incredible. His friendship and achievements with Martin Luther King Jr leave me inspired. Two in my opinion great men who took the knocks in life and built a bridge to the other side, not just for themselves but for generations to come. We can all be like this to ourselves and the people around us.

Peace in Every Step, Peace is Every Step.

Understanding impermanence is also key to being flexible to certain aspects of change and interchange. More on that another time, until then.. I have a blog tour post to complete and a book to finish reading. Lisa Hobmans new book is out soon.

Much Love, Fiona