1: Name a time where you felt Invisible
I had a time when my children were growing up and I felt a bit lost about my role in the world. I do feel that society sometimes overlooks the skill and wisdom of older people and they assume that once we hit a certain age, that we don’t need excitement and challenges in life. I feel the opposite is true. I like to learn new things every day and push myself out of my comfort zones, even when people ask me why I don’t just do things that are less stressful. I don’t enjoy stress, but I do jump into new life experiences all of the time, to grow as a person.

2: What kind of dog do you own and what do you enjoy most about her company?
I have an eleven year old Cavapoo called Pepper. She’s a Poodle/Spaniel mix and she’s also an allergy dog, as we have contact allergies in our house. 

3: How do you combant loneliness?
I have built a community of incredible creatives around me. I am so proud of the people that I chat to on social media, as well as friends and family. There is such creativity in the world and a lot of skills to share with others, that I rarely feel lonely these days. Writing can be quite isolating, but the writing and reading community is welcoming, passionate about books and there is always someone to talk to. I have become good friends with writers across the world now and I get so excited when they publish another book for me to jump into and read. Reading is a wonderful way to push loneliness away for a while. 

Lizzie Chantree and Isabella May

4: Who would be your Ideal Partner in Crime if you were an investigative sort?
You and Sue! You two know everyone and you are always up to date with what’s going on, while I’m often daydreaming or not paying attention! 

Fiona & Sue

5. What is your favourite moisturiser?
I don’t really have one! I have sensitive skin, so I tend to just use gentle soap and water, then nothing else.

Fionas FactFile with Lizzie

Name 5 funky facts about you: 

I’m allergic to chocolate.

I paint huge colourful landscapes, usually of the water.

 I have a bubblegum drawer in my studio. I love bubblegum! 

I’m an award winning inventor. 

I have been on T.V.