Dearest Heidi-Jo,

The lives you have inspired and touched by being you, writing as you do and knowing that there is plenty of space for us all to shine, is unique and so very amazing. This is a small thank you from us to you. We hope you enjoy reading the comments, seeing the photos and pictures and knowing that this is just a small fraction of the ocean of people whose lives you have touched. With love, gratitude, appreciation and friendship, Fiona, Sue, Your fellow authors, readers, friends and fans. XOXOX

Heidi, wishing you a wonderful publication day
All of us Swainettes are gathered here to say
A big thank you for the books you have written
Wonderful stories, no wonder we’re so smitten
Your books are like friends, we adore them 4so
Escaping into your books is the best place to go
We adore being part of the team Heidi Swain
For the many friendships it’s allowed us to gain
Sending love from the Swainettes ,Fiona and me
Wishing success for Underneath the Christmas Tree
Dear Heidi, I hope you enjoy publication day as much as we will. Your books mean so much to so many. Your friendship and support, encouragement and inclusive nature is second to none. I have met so many wonderful souls, made super friendships and come across amazing books thanks to you. All the good things and mountains of abundance in all its forms to you today and all days to come xx – Fiona Jenkins
My eye was drawn to Sleigh Rides and Silver Bells at the Christmas Fair in Sainsbury’s and so my addiction to your gorgeous books began!
I was thrilled when you responded to my message about how much I’d enjoyed your books and a regular chatting began on your Facebook timeline 😊
I love how fate has brought you and Fiona into my life and I feel blessed to be part of your special community. When the first Lockdown started running the group was a lifeline for me as I was able to focus on something so positive and uplifting which helped me cope with the anxious moments in my life.
Congratulations 🥳 on another fantastic book!
And I really mean it when I say, Christmas isn’t Christmas without a Heidi Swain book, read by my Christmas tree, snuggled up on my sofa 🛋 in front of the fire 🔥 – Sue Baker
A picture of a tree with snowmen
Hoping that underneath my Christmas tree I will find your book xxx – Lynsey Bessent
A picture of Grace Power in a beautiful dress standing on some stairs.
Congratulations Heidi, you are an inspiration. Excited to read what comes next ❤️ Grace Power

Heidi, thank you so much for not only being a beautiful storyteller, but also opening up a magical space where authors and readers can connect. You are the very definition of what a writer should be, and we’re all immensely grateful as well as happily inspired by you. Congratulations on the publication of Underneath the Christmas Tree – I can’t wait to cosy up and read it! Abi (author of the Life Is Yours Trilogy and life-long avid reader).

Happy publication day Heidi! Sending lots of hugs and excitement for another beautiful book being out in the world. I can’t wait to read it! From Lizzie. x
Thank you Heidi for your wonderful stories! I had to put one in the window at my new shop – Slightly Foxed, Berwick Upon Tweed 💖 Author Lisa Hobman
A picture of authors Jenni Keer and Heidi Swain with text that says: Always there for me even if it's on cushions
Author Jenni Keer
A Christmas Tree and text that says Happy Publication Day Heidi

Happy publication day, Heidi! I hope you have the loveliest of lovely days and that the book soars to fabulous heights for you! Thank you for being one of the kindest and most supportive authors I know! Can’t wait to snuggle up with this gorgeous book! ❤ – Author Jaimie Admans
A picture of Author Milly Johnson holding up a Horseshoe with the text - Sending all my bestest Good Lucks Heidi! Love,  Milly.
Author Milly Johnson ♥

Congratulations on another beautiful book! I enjoyed every single word and can’t wait for the next already! Xxxx – Danni Williams
Thank you Heidi for your amazing adventures. Can not wait for all the rest!! They all take me to my happy place. Thank you xxx – Yvonne Sutton
“Wishing you all the best as we head back to the wonderful village of Wynmouth and its folk. Looking forward to more of your fabulous fiction, M x.” – Author Michaela Trueman

My message for Heidi-Jo is “I love reading your books Heidi and was thrilled when you included Beccles as a location. Your stories are heartwarming and I look forward to many more to follow. Also it’s so lovely that your so proactive in the group, which is so friendly and inclusive. Warmest wishes xx” – Deborah Donovan

Hi Heidi, I hope this is a lovely surprise for you…. I’ve read all your books and adore them, just waiting for your next one, not long! xx – Sarah Rothman ❤
To Heidi, an amazing friend, author and mentor. HAPPY Publication Day. Love, Claire Wade. 
The picture has authors Heidi Swain,  Jenni Keer and Claire Wade, each holding their books.
Author Claire Wade
A picture of Author Sandy Barker
Huge congrats to a wonderful author and a fabulous woman on publication day. Sending you love and will raise a glass to you here in Melbourne. Sandy xxx – Author Sandy Barker
A picture of Judith Graham at the sea

Happy publication day, Heidi. Thank you for writing such wonderful books with so many lovely characters and lots of romance. I love your books and can lose myself in the pages to the point I’m the heroine or I’m watching what’s going on before me.
– Judith Graham
A picture of one of Heidi Swains books with a note that reads as the test below.
Your books always make me smile, no matter how bad reality is. Thank you, Frida Lindström ♡♡♡

Despite a hectic schedule to produce two wonderful books every year, Heidi is so generous with her time, engaging with her readers on social media, over Zoom, publishing a newsletter and a blog, not to mention all the other publisher engagements, blog tours and podcasts.
Thanks to her books and mentioning the Heidi Swain and Friends – A Facebook Book Club in A Taste of Home, I have discovered a wonderfully supportive group of fellow readers with similar tastes in books, brilliant recommendations and fantastic publication day parties for other authors too.
And that’s the thing, not only is Heidi generous with her time, she is also incredibly generous with her support for other authors, especially indie authors.
I can’t think of anyone more deserving of their fantastic success. Long may you continue to bring us heart warming tales of love, friendship and family, set in the gorgeous communities of Wynbridge, Wynmouth and of course Nightingale Square in Norwich.
Congratulations on your latest Christmas Triumph and I hope you have some time to enjoy the success of Underneath the Christmas Tree before you have to return to Nightingale Square. Much Love Tania xxx – Tania Curtis

Tania Curtis, sitting at a table with a birthday cake and a glass of wine
A head shot of Author Katie Ginger with sparkles.
Congratulations Heidi on another fabulous book! It wouldn’t be Christmas without a Heidi Swain novel to cuddle up with and I can’t wait to dive into this one snuggled up under a blanket! – Author Katie Ginger
Author Sarah Bennett standing at the top of the shard with a glass of champagne

Thank you for being such a kind and inspirational member of our writing community. You have shown me nothing but kindness from the moment I appeared on the scene, and I am grateful for all your support xxx Author Sarah Bennett ❤
I discovered your books with the very first Christmas one and have been hooked ever since. I can’t wait to read Underneath the Christmas Tree. Thank you for bringing so much joy through your writing. Xx – Kelly Thomas
A picture of Meena in traditional Asian dress

Thank you Heidi for sending us on fabulous adventures with every book so far. Hope there’s plenty more adventures for us to go on. Xx – Meena Kumari
A full body picture of Author Catherine Miller with the seaside in the back ground
Congratulations, Heidi on another wonderful story. Can’t wait to dive in! – Author Catherine Miller
A heat shot of Author Rosie Travers
“Your books are so full of warmth, with relatable characters and feel-good plot lines. As a writer I find your wonderful storytelling talent so inspiring!” – Author Rosie Travers
A cartoon owl reading a book and text that says go away, I am reading
Congratulations Heidi, looking forward to sitting down and reading your new book 🥰🥰 – Miriam O’Brien
This is a picture of a collection of Heidi Swain books and a yankee scented candle.
Happy publication day Heidi! So excited to read your latest novel and add it to your designated shelf which sits in my reading nook. Thank you for all the wonderful characters and stories you create which whisk us away to a better place and put smiles on our faces with each and every word. – Jessica Lawrence
This is a picture of Heidi Swains book Seaside Escape with a coaster that says Swainettes with a red flower.

Thank you Heidi-Jo for writing such wonderful books. They are wonderful stories to get wrapped up in and escape for a while💜. Congratulations on your new book. I am so looking forward to reading the next story from Wynmouth💜Best wishes – Emma Jane Lambert
A head shot of Susan Baker
Congratulations, Lovely. Love Always, The other Sue Baker ❤
A headshot of Nicola

Happy publication day your books are always warm and well written and great characters always a delight to read simply the perfect reads well done – Nicola Clough
Happy pub day, lovely, marvelous, amazing HEIDI! Your beautiful words and wonderful characters have given countless bookworms a much-needed place to escape to over the years… no time more so than during the pandemic when your novels have been worth their weight in GOLD. Keep writing your magical stories and thank you for sharing your sunny and positive outlook on life with us all. We appreciate it more than you will ever know! XX – Author Isabella May
Heidi, your books are amazing. Take me away from my everyday life on an adventure. You are very talented and so pleased to know you from our great group. I look to reading more of your stories. Thank you Heidi, love Tina x – Tina Chilton
Heidi, your books are what we’ve all needed over the past year. I know that for me they’ve given me the escape I needed. Thank you for writing such wonderful stories, and I look forward to reading many more. – Rebecca Ross
Congratulations Heidi! Cannot wait to read your new book! Best wishes Georgiana Harding
Thank you Heidi for giving us the wonderful stories you give us time and time again. Your books give me an escapism from day to day life. Each story is totally enthralling and heartwarming, each character is relatable, but what I love most is that the way you write makes me feel like I’m a part of the story I’m reading and I can’t wait to be a part of more adventures to come. Loads of love. ❤️❤️ – Chloe Snelling
Always a happy time spent curled up with a Heidi Swain book! Here’s to lots more lovely reading moments from you my darling friend! All my love, Claire xxx – Claire Howard
Happy publication day my lovely from our little bit of Norfolk xx – Author Ian Wilfred
Happy Publication Day Heidi, I’m so much looking forward to going back to Wynmouth in Underneath the Christmas Tree 🎄. Sending you many congratulations, Lovely and a massive hug from the North Norfolk Coast. Author Rosie Hendry xx
Wishing you an absolutely fabulous publication day heidi. Absolutely love your books and am going to start your new one this weekend. Your books have warmed my heart and made me smile during the last year or so and this lovely group never fails to brighten up my day. Thank you – Helen Rachel

Happy Publication Day Heidi!! Congratul
ations on writing yet another fabulous book and I know it will be a great success. Thank you for writing such amazing stories. Good luck for the future, love Lianne 💕💕 – Lianne Dare
Happy publication day Heidi! Thank you for writing such wonderful uplifting books, I can’t wait to dive into Underneath The Christmas Tree! – Author Clare Marchant
“Love your stories Heidi, please keep writing them for ever!” – Trudie Lavender
I’m Jenny I’m 37 and from South Wales. Heidi as you know I adore all your books with my favourite being sleigh rides and silver bells. Each one has brought me right into the story and I’ve always felt a part of the book as a customer in the Cherry Tree Cafe or helping in the garden at Nightingale Square. Have an amazing publication day. Lots of love x – Jenny Francis

Dear Heidi
Wishing you heaps of well deserved success with another gorgeous festive treat! Can’t wait to visit Wynbridge again. -Author Julie Caplin
Thank you so much Heidi for all the beautiful stories, enjoy your special day xx – Claire Ellis
Heidi your books are absolutely beyond amazing. I always love finding ‘local’ authors and that are written in local places. I would have never found the most amazing online book club too. Congratulations on your new publication and I’m so excited for the new ones coming 😍 – Tracey Liveley

“Thank you so much Heidi for all your books, your friendship and the book club, they really help me get through the days, give me comfort and help show a world where a happy ending is possible” – Honey Harrison
Happy publication day Heidi!! You are such a wonderful writer and I love escaping into your sparkly books. It’s like getting a warm hug every time. Donna xx – Author Donna Ashcroft

I had the pleasure of getting a copy of Christmas underneath the tree from NetGalley and was gripped from start to finish and as I mentioned on the group zoom call, I was enthralled with Ned and would love to meet his character, passionate, loyal and gorgeous to boot! Your books have given me hours of enjoyment, reading them is the highlight of my day!
I still have more to read too and I am in no doubt they are all just as good.
Keep doing what you’re doing and keeping us readers happy 😃 – Claire Rowlands

Congratulations on publication day Heidi! I truly love escaping with your fantastic characters, thank you so much for creating them and their fabulous stories x – Sarah Goddard

Happy Publication Day Heidi! I hope you enjoy your magical day just as much as we enjoy your wonderful books and festive cheer. Thank you for bringing the sparkle to Christmas – transporting us to beautiful places and loveable characters. Christmas isn’t Christmas without a Heidi Swain book under the tree! Love from Tea Leaves and Reads xx – Katy Baldwin

Hi Heidi, Congratulations on your new Christmas book. It is lovely to be part of your group and its so welcoming. It’s also been a joy to meet the lovely Fiona and have such a wonderful friend in her. I’m looking forward to meeting you in December :). Btw my picture is a box of tissues, as I know your are going to need them by the end of this.
Love Claire x – Claire Brooks

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