Mornings are busy before the school run,
Chasing my boys to get everything done,
Are shoes on ready, bags and coats too,
Nagging and rushing before the bell is due,
Chatting and planning on the way up the road,
Avoiding cars, using the Green Cross Code,
Finally we arrive, at the gate we all part,
Waving goodbye, it’s time for school to start,
Left with my dog, I go on my own way,
To walk home, it’s time to start my day,
A snippet of countryside hidden in the town,
The lane encircles the noisy school ground,
A perfect opportunity to be out in the wild,
Mother Nature, she knows how to beguile,
Calmness descends, the only noise I can hear,
Are birds in the bushes, hiding as I get near,
Blackbirds are hopping, watching us go past,
Busy collecting food to have for breakfast,
Muntjac deer amble, unconcerned about us,
So used to seeing humans, they never fuss,
Squirrels chattering high in the bare trees,
Exciting my dog, seems they love to tease,
I pause at the trees, a robin catches my eye,
Enjoying the stillness, however time flys by,
Homeward bound, as there’s stuff to be done,
Rejuvenated from walking in the winter sun.