What an absolutely beautiful book. 
We meet Sasha who is a down and out who has never had any real friends and has near enough been deserted by her father who went off on his travels after her mother passed away. Raised by her stoic grandmother she hardened to life.
Well, life is just something that happens to her. One winters eve she gets a call from her father and finds herself on a plane to the Nordic area, where she also meets her father's employee Tav.
Tav is 6ft6 and a stubborn, emotionally closed off gentle but firm giant. We also meet her father Percy who fancies himself as Santa.

I love that there is a lot of detail with the language barrier regarding slang, Jaimie also explains the difference between male and female reindeer well.
I was delighted to see my 2nd favourite game behind HayDay, Animal Crossing get a mention.
We find out what Boris Johnsons trunks have in common with a smile.
We also discover that father and daughter cannot cook, or can they?

This Christmas Village needs a lot of TLC to get back on its feet, the magic of Christmas bounces off the letters written by kids who believe in magic and spirit of Christmas.

Will Sasha and her father return to England or will the magic capture her and entice her to stay. The strong chemistry between her and Tav is also something that could get your pulse racing and heart hoping that love will conquer all.

I hope we can revisit these characters in a future book x