Q1: What is your inspiration about being a writer and what do you want the readers to experience?

My dad was a published sci-fi writer. That inspired me to be a writer too. 
After reading The Winter Garden by Heidi Swain, I was inspired to find out what else Heidi had written, read it, and write my own romance novel. 
I’d like my readers to experience escapism. While they’re reading my books, I want them to be whisked away into the lives of the characters. 

Q2: What is your favourite fairytale and why?

Beauty and the Beast, because Belle loves books and is very different to her fellow villagers. I can relate to that. 

Q3: If you could choose an Author to co- write a book with,  who would it be and why?

I’d love to co-write a book with Andy Weir. He’s a sci-fi writer, and goes into such detail in his novels. I can imagine talking to him for hours about the most minute aspects of manned spaceflight. 

Q4: When you were little What miracles did you believe in and how do they compare with Adult you?

I was raised Christian, so there were a lot of miracles that I believed in when I was little. The idea that God watches over us all from heaven, with our lost loved ones, amazed and comforted me.
Nowadays, I still believe in God. I think about miracles most while on holiday in Yorkshire, where I look around myself awestruck by all that He created. There’s a reason it’s called God’s Own County. 

Q5: What song describes you best? https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=k4V3Mo61fJM&feature=share

Fix You by Coldplay. 

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