It’s a whole year ago, on this very day,
Sitting in the sun, you peacefully slipped away,
My beloved hound cuddled up on my lap with me,
Along side your bed-mate and buddy, dear Sprouty.
A lifetime of love you gave me, my special hound,
No better dog-friend could ever have been found.
That amazing day when you won ‘best in show’ ,
The crazy way you’d circle madly in the snow.
You loved our walks, laying in the hot summer sun,
Games with squeaky bone and just having fun.
Happy memories to treasure in the coming years,
Makes up for all the sadness and the many tears,
Of missing your happy face greeting me at the door,
I miss your muddy paw prints over the kitchen floor.
Our bed is emptier and colder without you there,
Those long legs of yours always took their share!
In my heart forever, is where you will always be found,
My loyal friend, my beautiful girl, my dearest Roo Roo Hound.