Name 5 facts about you! Such as favourite movie, scared of spiders that type of thing.

1. I have a terrible aversion to corduroy. I can’t abide the texture of it and thin cord smells weird.

2. My husband buys me a book buddy to celebrate every book I’ve had published. I have quite a collection now as I used to write under another pen name.

3. I always put something in my books that is personal to me. You probably won’t ever know what it is, but my mum often spots them so it’s a bit of an in-joke now to add something. In Summer Kisses at Mermaids Point Jake gives Laurie some pebbles and shells he found on the beach including one that has a starfish fossil in it and that is a stone I found myself years ago down near Lyme Regis and I keep it on my desk.

4. I swear like an absolute trooper. It always makes me laugh if someone complains about the odd curse word that crops up in my books because they have no idea what those conversations would be like if I had free rein!

5. My most treasured possession is a Winnie the Pooh hot water bottle cover which my husband bought for me our first Christmas together when we were dating back in 2002. He always comes to bed with me when my husband is away from home and is looking a bit flat now from too many cuddles but I wouldn’t be without it.

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