Please give me 5 facts about you, such as what you might be afraid of,  fan girl moment etc.

1. – I collect nutcrackers and Yankee Candles. ‘Collect’ is a clever way of saying I have too many of them, and I still can’t resist buying more!

2. – My lifelong dreams are to see the Northern Lights and live in Paris for a while!

3.- My most embarrassing moment is calling my boss a moron without realising he was listening! I was telling a new girl about his antics and had my back to the door. Being new, she didn’t recognise him when he’d walked in and was standing right behind me. It became a legendary incident within the company, and for years afterwards, new people would come in and ask if I was the girl who’d called him a moron, even though he’d thankfully left by then!

Remember to check the coast is clear.
Never living down that moment!!!

4. – September to December is my favourite time of year! I hate the heat of the summer, I’m not built for hot weather, but I’m in my element when the weather starts to turn cooler, the nights draw in, and it’s the perfect time of year for snuggling up with a hot water bottle, blankets, hot chocolate, cosy socks, and a good book! And, of course, it’s not too early to start getting excited about Christmas now too!

5. – I LOVE love. I love writing about people falling in love, I love watching people fall in love. I love reading rom coms and watching Hallmark movies about people falling in love. I truly believe that love is a fairytale in the middle of real life, and I’m so grateful that I get to make up stories to celebrate that.