Please name five facts about you such as: fears, favourite movie, embarrassing memory etc

1.      I love action films. Give me guns/swords, a hero/heroine, and explosions and I am happy. I also love historical films and if the two are combined (like Gladiator, for example), even better.

2.      I spent six years living in South Africa. It is a beautiful country, complicated at times, but culturally spectacular.

Table Mountain, South Africa

3.      I don’t have a favourite genre or author, but my favourite book is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, and the only genres I don’t read are horror, erotica or anything else too graphic or gory.

4.      I love 1940’s fashion and culture (hence why I set part of The Things We Regret in the mid-1940’s). I could look through images of that era for hours.

The 1940’s photo credit is attributed to

5.      I am a country girl. I find cities completely overwhelming.

The Things We Regret

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