1. If you could write anywhere,  where would you choose to and why? 

If money and location was no problem, I would have a lovely big house just outside Salzburg, Austria. When I wrote ‘A Rock ‘n’ Roll Lovestyle’, Pete’s schloss in Austria, with it’s turrets, mountains and lake, was my ideal dream home. Sukie’s turret would be my writing room. For reasons unknown, I have a deep passion for things Germanic / Swiss / Austrian – these would be my happy places.

2. Who is your inspiration in life and why?

When you get to my age, many people have left their mark but my current ‘role model’, and the person who has inspired me the most over the last 18 months, is the author Stuart James. While his writing genre is as far removed from mine as you can get, he has proved that no matter what in life tries to bring you down, keep fighting back and you will rise above it. I hit a couple of low-points in this time period but seeing what Stuart achieved kept me going. He’s also a really lovely man and I’m honoured to call him a friend.

3. What do you do to lift your mood?

On the whole, I’m a fairly upbeat person and not really prone to dark moments. I’m more likely to be in a grump if someone annoys me in which case I bend Mr Mog’s (me hubby) ear until it passes. And usually have a quick shot of something alcoholic. Our recent ‘shots’ tipple is O’Donnell’s Lemon Drizzle Moonshine which is rather tasty! 

4. What is your go to comfort food and why?

Spaghetti Bolognese! My mum was taught to cook in an Italian cafe when she was just 13 and Spag Bog was the first solid food I had as a baby. It’s been my favourite ever since. When Mr Mogs and I go out to eat – which is a rare event – we prefer to do Chinese which is my second foodie love. Oh, and I also love ice cream. Rum and Raisin leads the pack but I’ll pretty much have any flavour going. Can you tell that I just love food…

5. If you could be a character from a TV show,  who would you be?

Some years ago, there was a wonderful TV show called ‘Waiting for God’ and the magnificent Stephanie Cole played the main character, Diana Trent,  a strong-willed, feisty, older lady who delighted in causing much grief for the slimy manager of the residential home she lived in. She was forthright and fearless and I thought she was fantastic. I want to be her when I grow up.

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