Fionas FactFile – please name 5 facts about you, like are you scared of anything,  favourite colour etc. 

1. My cats are my life and I would do time if anyone ever harmed them.

2. I’m not ‘scared scared’ of anything but if there are snakes around, I prefer there to be something between us – like a nice solid piece of glass!

3. My favourite colour is anything from blue through to red on the colour spectrum – so blues, lilacs, purples, scarlets and reds. I detest pink with a passion!

4. Despite writing uplifting ladies fiction, my preferred reading genre is historical thrillers and my favourite author is Susanna Gregory.

5. If I could have ‘anything’ at all in the world – real or unreal – it would be my very own Baby Yoda. To quote Little Britain – “I want that one…”

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