Please give me 5 facts about you. It could be what you are scared of, favourite movie, colour, food you don’t like etc etc. 

1. I was an extra in the beach scene for the Richard Curtis romantic comedy Yesterday – not that you can see me. I’m a microscopic dot among a hundred other microscopic bouncy dots. Great day out though.

2. I’m part of a disco formation dance team, even though I have the grace and poise of an elephant. As I always say, what I lack in talent, I make up for with showmanship. Plaster on a big smile and let the show go on.

3. I won a fancy dress competition dressed at the TARDIS, where you had to come as something blue. My husband went as Mr Sneeze but everyone thought he was Sonic the Hedgehog. Hahaha.

4. Once, when staying at my friend’s trullo in Italy, we spent the day painting the roof, only for her partner to find footprints all over our beautiful handiwork the next morning. We were horrified that we’d clearly been visited by vandals overnight. It was only later we remembered that we’d had a few drinks and decided to dance on the roof at midnight.

5. I have a cat with no eyes called Seymour, and he is the most inspirational little darling. Most people don’t realise he’s blind unless we tell them. He playfights with our other three cats, climbs trees and chases leaves. Once, because he couldn’t see how big it was, he tried to get into a pencil case. Awww…