• 1.What is the most exciting thing about publication day for you? 

I celebrate with my dear friend and fellow author Donna Ashcroft. I’m incredibly lucky that to have another author living so close as we talk regularly about our writing. She’s been the most amazing support throughout my writing career. We usually go out for a glass or two (a bottle!) of Prosecco and with each book she has bought me a new charm to go on the bracelet that she bought me several years ago. Each charm is relevant to the book. It’s become a special ritual between us as I now buy charms on her publication days.

2. Where is your favourite place to find inspiration?

Wherever possible I try to visit the country that I’m writing about. When I went to Ireland for my research trip, I did stay in the most lovely cottage which inspired the cottage in the book and during my visit I found Inch Beach which was so beautiful, I knew I had to use as my setting for the book. 

3. Do you ever have fan girl moments? 

              Oh my gosh yes!!! I was inspired to start writing after reading both Jill Mansell and Katie Fforde’s books. The highlight of my career was earlier this month when Jill read my Jules Wake historical novel and said that she loved it. When I first started writing all those years ago, I never dreamed that I would one day I would meet either of them. I’ve met both of them several times now and I wasn’t disappointed, they are both as lovely as their books.

4.How do you deal with the pressures and demands of being a successful author? 

This probably isn’t very romantic but I treat writing as a proper job. I don’t necessarily work nine to five, I plan my own schedule according to what else I might have on, but I do have a daily word count target that I aim to achieve. This means that sometimes I may not work in the morning and have to work later to catch up but it gives me completely flexibility.

5. What are your favourite movie and song? 

My favourite song is easy, it’s Don’t Stop by Fleetwood Mac. As a teenager I adored the Rumours album and I know every single song off by heart but this particular song is so full of hope and positivity, that it never fails to resonate with me. I only need to hear the opening strains of Christine McVie on piano and my heart immediately lifts and I start to smile.

Favourite movie is much harder, I love Pretty Woman, Grease, Overboard and many more but if I absolutely had to choose one, it’s The Fisher King directed by Terry Gilliam. It’s a brilliant mix of whimsical fantasy, hard hitting loss, love and redemption which stars Robin Williams and Jeff Bridges. If you’ve never seen it, I urge you too as it has the most romantic scene of all time set in Grand Central Station in which the world stops and everyone begins waltzing across the concourse. Simply beautiful. In fact I found the clip here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lASPrnWf6cA

Thanks Julie for answering these questions, we look forward to your publication party at