Murder At The House On The Hill: A cozy murder mystery full of twists (The Dedley End Mysteries Book 1)

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1. What is the most exciting thing about being an Author? 
I’ve loved books since I was child, I’ve loved getting lost in new worlds and it’s so fun to now be able to create worlds that other people can get lost in and hopefully enjoy. The bookworm in me gets very excited that I now write for my job, that my books are in bookshops, and that maybe one of my books might become someone’s favourite to read. It’s a dream come true!

2. Would you prefer to live in a mansion or a cute cottage? 
Definitely a cosy cottage. I love the idea of a thatched cottage with beams, a log fire, curling up in an armchair with a throw reading a book with a mug of tea, my cat by my feet haha!!  

3. Who is your biggest inspiration? 
Jane Austen is a huge inspiration to me. When I first read her books, I fell in love and they’re still my favourite stories. I love how she writes but also how she lived this quiet, unassuming life and yet her books have been loved for years and years. 

4. Who would play the Lead if your book was made into a movie? 
Murder at the House on the Hill is a cosy crime set in the Costwolds so I think we defnitely would want some British favourties in the lead role. Nancy Hunter, the lead is in her twenties with a vintage style, a cute chestnut bob and owns a crime bookshop in her village. Someone like Daisy Ridley or Kaya Scodelario would be fabulous.  Nancy’s grandmother is the second lead and she’s an older lady with a feisty side. I hope readers love her as much as I do! I could see Gemma Jones or Imelda Staunton playing her. And finally Jonathan Murphy is their attractive but scruffy and disorganised reporter friend. I think Colin Morgan would be perfect for him. 

5. Which song makes you feel like dancing? 
I’m a huge Taylor Swift fan so her songs would always get me on the dancefloor or a good old classic by Elton John or ABBA. It’s Raining Men has always been a song through the years my friends and I have danced to so that one for sure!

Can you name 5 facts about you? Like favourite colour, destination,  afraid of spiders that type of thing. 
I’m a typical Pisces

I have always been scared of fireworks

I collect mugs

I have a cat called Harry

Harry the Cat
Harry the 🐈

I’m very much a homebody