You never know when you will bounce upon someone or something that will change your world forever. More than 10 years ago, I was celebrating a success on my angel page, then called Angelic Inspiration. I was searching for a song that would do it justice. I found myself on YouTube and they suggested I listen to a song called I’ll be there by The Parlotones. I can’t even describe how mesmerised I was and still am by the song and the band.

I bought up all the albums I could find and transformed into a Parlotones fan overnight. When I discovered that they would play Shepherds Bush Empire that November, the first thing I did was buy a ticket and sort out child care. The next thing I did was let my friend AK know, who said he would be flying in from SA to see then play. Red and black were the colours of the band at the time and I set about finding my perfect dress. A red and black Ted Baker dress with pretty flowers. I spent hours and hours bidding on second hand ones via ebay. The day came and boy what a day. Sitting in a bar and your newly favourite musicians walk in and sit with you and talk to you as if you belong there.

November 2011
No idea who created this but I love it.

It was a perfect night. What a voice, what a combined talent and what beautiful people. Really from the inside out beautiful people. I can say that as I was welcomed and even when I sat away from everyone to observe, it hadn’t gone unnoticed. Kahn and Glen came over and asked me to join the group, even remembering my name. The words ‘ we don’t like it when you sit here on your own ‘ still echo in my head nearly 10 years on. What a boost.

The following year, by some random stroke of sheer luck I was able to make a trip to the States when they were touring. My then young son was with his dad in Ohio and I had just over 2 weeks to pass. What better way to pass the time than to do a city tour and combine it with a seeing your ace band play? I don’t know how many people turned up at various gigs from me chattering about it. But I can tell you that Kahn and the rest of the band were always smiling from ear to ear, even more, Kahn lost his hat in St Louis and I rescued it. Still sad to know the hat was passed on to someone at a gig some years later, but hey, it was never mine in the first place.

A Parlotones fan told me I couldn’t show my cleavage at gigs! This ebay hunted Karen Millen number was my response!
Golden Gates
I was born to wear that hat
Red Rocks Denver
Neil in Seattle

Kahn is such an amazing song writer and Poet. When he created his first Solo Album Salt ūüßā, I think it was partially crowd funded and some of the prizes were amazing. I remember wishing I was richer. However, I how rich and blessed am I to be able to share this story??!!

My son is a talented and budding Musician, when I asked Kahn if he could watch the rehearsal/ sound check, his immediate response was *Of course * and we were made to feel welcome. Thank you Kahn for your open heart, mind and soul.

Now we are on the Eve of the Release of Solo Album number THREE.!!

Order here: A World at Suicide

The video to the Title Song is Here, I wonder if you can find the naughty word too lol Neil Pauw created it via his Hollish Ink.

Good Luck Kahn!!!!!