Five Facts: Hmm… 
1) I’m petrified of crickets and will run a mile if I come across one. They are like giant birds and you just don’t know which way they’ll go…
2) I have strange thumbs. They are short and thin at the bottom, fat at the top. This is the reason I never wear nail varnish!
3) I speak 4 languages: English, French, Spanish and German. Some are sadly rustier than others nowadays. 
4) I have travelled to 40 countries – at last count – and have had seriously itchy feet since becoming a mum!
5) Before becoming a mum and author, I ran foreign rights departments in children’s publishing for a number of small-medium publishing houses. My specialty was selling pop-up and novelty books, one of which hit the best-seller list in Hebrew in Israel for many, many weeks ūüôā
I hope that’s not too much waffle! Oh, and I hope your copy of TTLB arrives soon too.