Today is the official release of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Bar.

Q1. What do you miss most about life in the UK?

A1) I miss so many things and I think the pandemic has definitely put a magnifying glass on all of them! Before moving to Spain, home was Cheltenham in Gloucestershire. A few years before that it was Bath. And from toddlerhood to twenty-seven, I lived in Glastonbury, Somerset (with time spent in Bristol for Uni and a year in France/Germany sandwiched in-between).
Mainly I miss my family and friends. Some of my closest friends are starting to return to the West Country from stints overseas or moves to other parts of the UK, and it’s getting harder for me to ignore the pull to join them. I definitely miss the infinite varieties of cake and dessert available in the UK, and the shorter driving distances. Spain is vast and it can take so long to get from A to B! I also crave the theatre and the arts and bookshops – as well as simple, everyday things like being able to walk into a shop at any time of the day. I miss the English seaside too!

Q2)What is the best thing about your life as a writer?

A2) 2) It’s such a joy to create entire worlds which I then get to share with others. My romcoms tend to be witty and uplifting, so it’s just a wonderful feeling knowing that you’ve helped somebody escape from reality for a while. Maybe you have even helped them to look at their own lives through a different lens, encouraging them to follow their dreams through the action of your characters. That’s true job satisfaction ūüôā

Q3) Name 3 of your favourite festive drinks.

A3) I love to savour a good old Baileys on ice. We don’t get many of the interesting bottles of Baileys here in Spain, but the Salted Caramel flavour is a definite hit! I’m partial to a glass of mulled wine too, of course. But more than anything, I love a Costa Gingerbread Latte or one of their Black Forest hot chocolates. So good. They just taste of the festive season and give me that warm fuzzy feeling!

Q and A with Isabella May
Q4. If you could buzz around in a camper selling food where would you do it and what would be on the menu?

A4) I think I’d probably follow in River’s camper van tracks and head to the Somerset villages too. I’ve visited many of them years ago, so it would be brilliant to go back and enjoy the community spirit and beautiful scenery. I would probably have a gourmet coffee/tea/hot chocolate selection and swap the gingerbread for churros with hot chocolate dipping sauce. Winter in the West Country can get cold so we need the carbs..

Q5. What are your aspirations outside of being a writer, mother and wife?

A5) Once the kids have flown the nest/are more self-sufficient (and without wishing time away) I would like to be a one-book-a-year-author so that I could work with my other passion: Pranic Healing. I would really love to set up my own PH practice and do more to help others both physically and mentally